Harlem Rails

Meet the Team

> Who are we?

The Harlem Rails is a team of passionate young scholars at Columbia Secondary School. We build robots to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) every year, learning time-management, communication, and teamwork.

> What is FIRST?

FIRST is an international non-profit youth organization that operates FRC. FIRST’s mission is to educate young students to realize their power to build a better future through technology. Each season of FRC, teams are given only six weeks to design, manufacture, assemble, program, and test a robot to compete in a new game. If a team performs well enough at regional competitions, they move on to the World Championship, where they compete against the best of the best.

> Our 2023 Robot

Meet Nakji!

Our 2023 Season FRC Robot

We built Nakji for the 2023 Season FRC game, CHARGED UP. CHARGED UP required a robot that could pick up cones and cubes and place them in a grid to score points. This was our rookie season and we participated in the NYC Regional Week 6, placing 32nd of 50 teams. We won rookie inspiration award and look forward to using what we learned to do even better in 2024!

> Our Sponsors

Sponsorship Information Packet
Columbia University Logo

Columbia University

We greatly appreciate Columbia’s support, that provided us with mentors and an engineering lab.

Red Sponsor

GHF Logo

Gene Haas Foundation

With the help of the Gene Haas Foundation's support, we look forward to developing a swerve system to compete in 2025 and future seasons.

Silver Sponsor

> Outreach

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